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Information for buyers

To become an owner of the property on the Cote d’Azur

  • Why be with us?
  • We are known, we are recommended and we are trusted!

     An international and dynamic team of qualified professionals in real estate with a flawless reputation. The company employs Russian, English and French speaking staff, which facilitates the acquisition and management of real estate, as well as French lawyers who optimizes taxation and finds the best loans terms for our clients. We offer you deep and longstanding knowledge of the market, effective solutions of any administrative issues, individual approach, confidentiality, reliability and efficiency.

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Where are we? Convenient office location!

The office of our agency is located in Nice - in the heart of the French Riviera, which allows us to offer real estate on the Cote d'Azur in all its diversity. We suggest you a range of properties from Monaco to Saint-Tropez and in the Southern French Alps. We also meet with our buyers at exhibitions in London, Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities around the world. We meet with you wherever you feel comfortable.

  • What do we have?
  • We have the key to the Cote d'Azur!"

We possess all necessary information to find the home of your dreams. Our base of more than 1000 properties is carefully selected to correspond to the requirements of our clients. All objects have a mandate with the owner - this is a direct contract with the owner and with the price of the property from the owner.

Moreover, our company is a member of the Interagency club with more than 600 agencies that exchange their mandates and allow our clients to access the database with more than 10,000 different properties. When working with others agencies, we share the commission with them but this does not affect the value of the property for the buyer.

Our customers have access to the entire property base of the French Riviera through us and without additional charges. With us it's easy, reliable and honest!

Step-by-step instruction for buying property with the help of our agency

If you already have read this paragraph it means that you are on our site and the first step has already been made, it remains only to send us an application form to find the real estate with your personal search criteria or select the property by looking through our database on this site.

Your comfort is our priority! We can start working with you by distance to make a specific selection and look over the estate for you. If the region of French Riviera is familiar to you and you want to start visiting this or that property - we will arrange appointments during your stay on the Cote d’Azur. If you are not familiar with the region - we will listen carefully to you and your family wishes and we will advise the area of the Riviera, where you and your family will feel happy and comfortable.

Step One - selecting property to visit and look over

  • You tell your personal assistant of our company about all your wishes: preferred area of the region, house style, number of bedrooms, approximate living space, plot area, approximate purchase budget.
  • Based on the received information, we will prepare and send to you the possible options with our professional comments. We will describe both pros and cons.
  • You can also make your selection of property from our website.

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Step two - Real Estate visits

  • After the dates of your arrival in France are determined, we will carefully plan and organize your real estate visits.
  • Your stay in France can be organized by our staff who can advise and book a hotel or rent a house for a period of your stay.
  • On your arrival in France, your personal assistant will meet and accompany you to the hotel and later he will show you all the chosen property.
  • During visiting, your assistant will not only present the real estate, but will also tell about all pros and cons of different regions, and indicate where the educational and medical institutions are located, and consult about local taxation and purchase rules.

Read more about property taxes.

Step three is preparation for the deal. Signing of Sale & Purchase agreement.

  • The property is found, you like it, but not the offered price by the seller. You have the right to make your price offer (Offre d'achat), and your personal agent will enter into negotiations with the owner to find the mutual consent.
  • Once you have found a compromise with the owner, the property is reserved for you by signing a sale and purchase agreement (Compromis de Vente). The wishes and conditions of both parties are included in this agreement. Normally the buyer pays a 5-10% deposit on signing this agreement, which is held by the Notaire into its bank account. 
  • At this stage we will study your family situation and advise you the optimal solution for the real estate registration.

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Step Four - financing the deal. Mortgage.

  • If you have funds, and there is no need for lending, you can omit this item. If you decide to take a mortgage, next stages are for you.
  • First, we will help you choose the right bank and open an account in France or in Monaco
  • Thanks to our close cooperation with the banks there, we will help you to choose mortgage on the most favourable terms.

Read more about the mortgage.

Step five - signing the act of sale

  • As a rule, all legal subtleties of the property selling and purchasing process takes about 2,5-3 months. During this period, the Notaire verifies the purity of the deal. The buyer transferres the balance of the payment to the Notaire’s account for the signing date of the full contract, Acte de Vente.
  • The Notaire appoints the day for the Acte de Vente signing and invites both parties to sign.
  • Half a day before signing, the buyer meets with the seller in the estate territory. Our company checks the conformity of the house to the terms of the contract. And we verify all the details of the property operation to be transferred to the buyer.
  • On the day of signing the full contract, Acte de Vente, the notary pays the amount of the purchase to the seller and passes the keys of the house and the certificate of the purchase of the real estate (Attestation d'achat) to the new owner.
  • Within a few weeks from the date of real estate purchase our agency will help to reregister all the utility contracts to your name.

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Dear future owner of the French property,

During all the time of the buying process, we will accompany you and we will make this period of time as comfortable and fruitful as possible. Our company support will be completely free for you. You will pay to the owner for the purchased real estate, and to the notary for the work done. Agency commission will be paid by the seller of the real estate.

These five steps you will pass with the specialists of our company. Our staff speaks your native language, and for your maximum comfort we will introduce our reliable partners who also speaks English - a clerk at a notary's office, bank office managers, a lawyer and other personnel.

That is not all: we do not leave our customers after the purchase. If you like our work and we have already become good acquaintances, then we move on together.

Step Six - Property Management

  • After buying a property, our property management department starts all the necessary processes and signs contracts with all the utility providers: electricity, water, gas, telephone, pool maintenance, garden care, television, etc.
  • The Property Management Department is responsible for declaring all taxes, bookkeeping and other administrative activities. We monitor the changes in French law and inform our clients in order to avoid undesirable "surprises".
  •  Under the close supervision of the management department, your repair and construction projects will be finished with guaranteed good results.
  • Whatever happens with you, whatever you need here in France, in a foreign country for you - we are always with you!

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Step seven, eight, nine ... We have established a long lasting friendship with many of our customers. These steps continue with the starting of business operations in France, with obtaining a residence permit and citizenship, with the implementation of joint projects.

Thanks to our mutual trust, we successfully walk together along the French Riviera!

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