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Information for property sellers

How to sell your property on the French Riviera?

Why should you rely on us on selling your property? And how will we sell your property?

There are more than a thousand real estate agencies on the Cote d’Azur. Each agency has its own methods, its rhythm and management directions to work on the French Riviera real estate market. We will not work with your property if we are certain that we will not be able to sell it. We will not waste your and our precious time, we will definitely advise you of the agency that deals with your real estate profile. In general, our international teamwork is dynamic and result-oriented; we use the modern technologies of sales and marketing.

We do not sit in the agency and expect the buyer to come to us. We are looking for the buyer, we go to reach him, we bring him to the Cote d'Azur. Most of our buyers from the ex-USSR countries: Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, the Baltic States and others. Our managers speak French, Russian, English and have more than 10 years experience in real estate.


First meeting and property valuation.

Our real estate experts will conduct a free appraisal of your property value. You will know all the strengths and weaknesses of your house. We will study and provide to you the cost per square meter in your area for the similar sales transactions carried out recently in that property market segment. Such professional expertise will contribute to the best presentation of your property for sale. Our experts will give the necessary advice and suggest to you improvements in raising the cost value of your property for sale. Sometimes it is just enough to make some repairs and spending several thousand euros, but thanks to it you can attract much more buyers and increase significantly the cost of the property.


Professional photographer.

Our professional photographer will make excellent photos of your property. To conduct such a photoshoot we have everything you need: 

  • Professional equipment,
  • Mast and Tripod,

If you want to make a video, we can organize a photoshoot of your property using a drone.

After taking a picture, our designer will carefully process the photos for the best representation of your house. Of course, we will ask you to help us and carefully prepare the house for photo shooting. For the best presentation to the buyer, you should take into account all the details!


Price determination and sales mandate signing.

We determine and predict the property price taking into account the period of sale or how long you can sell your property. After the price is established, we sign so called a ‘sales mandate’ (mandat de vente). By doing this, you allow us to sell your property at the price you confirmed and in case of sale you pay a fee for our work. When selling property in France, the agent’s commission (5 to 10 per cent of the sale price) is usually paid by the vendor included in the purchase price.

Our agency’s commission is 5% without VAT of the sale price. We do not take an additional interest from the buyer, all payments go through the notary and the whole procedure is pure and open. In case when other agency, which represents the buyer, applies to us, we divide our fee without requesting an additional fee.


How and where we present your property?


Each year our group of companies participates in real estate, tourism and yacht exhibitions and several times a year the management of the real estate company participates in international real estate exhibitions in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Astana, London. At these exhibitions we meet directly with our potential buyers, their representatives and international real estate agencies. Nowadays our company has participated in more than 40 exhibitions. More than 50 international agencies represent our real estate in local real estate markets of their countries, sending us their customers.



Since 2003 our company issues an annual catalogue of real estate, where we present all our real estate. The catalogue is distributed in lots of exhibitions, on different prestigious events, and among clients of our company.

Since 2016 ServiceAzur group of companies has been publishing "Newspaper from ServiceAzur". This newspaper is aimed at Russian-speaking residents and guests of the French Riviera.

Since 2016 the first Russian-French radio has opened in Nice by our partner NICE RADIO. You can constantly listen to the news and advertisements from ServiceAzur.

Since 2012 the GALA RUSSE, Russian opera and ballet stars performances, that no one leaves indifferent and is held annually in the Grimaldi Forum of Monaco. ServiceAzur group of companies is the sponsor of this GALA RUSSE project where you can always see the promotional display of our company.

For more than a decade of our experience in the French Riviera, we have been written about, and our advertisement has been in the media such as Lux Residence, Home overseas, Moskovskaya gazeta, RUS Monaco, Monaco, Nice Matin, etc.



Our clients see us immediately on their arrival at the airport in Nice. It is difficult to miss these strategically important places. For more than 5 years, our six-meter display in Russian language meets all the Russian speakers opposite the cashiers of Aeroflot, Russian airline.

Our displays are also located at the exit of the airport of Nice and Cannes.

Our "Newspaper from ServiceAzur" is distributed free of charge in Nice.




Today the Internet is one of the most important marketing tools. This is how we present your property before the buyer agrees to look over it. The new design of our sites and photos of good quality will facilitate your meeting with a potential buyer.

Our sites are ideally indexed in search engines of Google and Yandex, and they occupy leading positions. In addition to our own sites, we promote property on many international portals. We have our own CRM program and server, our database is completely closed, so we guarantee confidentiality.

and what matters most is our customer database

Thanks to our three companies ServiceAzur, Property ServiceAzur, Yacht ServiceAzur and real estate management department we have a huge client base. These are foreign potential buyers and investors who are fond of the French Riviera and constantly visit it. When a new property enter the real estate market, we inform our customers at once.

Our advertising campaigns cost us annually a few hundred thousand of euros. Advertising is carefully thought over by our marketers. We never stop to develop. We keep up with the times and do everything to make you satisfied with our cooperation.  

Entrust your property to specialists!