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Property management

How to upkeep you house or who should you choose to entrust the management of your property?

Our company will recommend you an ideal formula of property management Relying primarily on our many years of experience in property management as well as owners ‘aspirations regarding many different properties, we have developed four functional packages of services:

• Office package for 5 000 €/year or 416 €/month.
• Silver package for 6 000 €/year or 500 €/month.
• Gold package for 7 000 €/year or 583 €/month.
• Platinum package for 10 000 €/year or 833 €/month.

Prices are exclusive of VAT.

Gold and Platinum packages offer an exhaustive list of services for our customers.
For customers who have purchased their property with the help of our company, discounts are provided.

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These include regular communication between the various authorities, city utilities and service providers, such as:

• Tax authorities, • Community facilities (electricity, gas, water, sewer),
• Communications services (phone, internet, TV),
• Security service (alarm, video surveillance, security),
• Construction companies (architects, designers, geometers…),
• Insurance companies (real estate, transport, health),
• Gardening services and swimming pool maintenance, housemaids, drivers.

These services may also include correspondence control, translation of documents, administration of contracts, negotiations and invoices payment, etc. All papers received are reviewed, classified and archived. The property manager updates the owner on the status of each question.  

Tax Forms completion

We provide help in completion the obligatory tax declarations:

  • Property ownership tax — Taxe Foncière
  • Property residence tax — Taxe d’Habitation
  • Wealth tax — Impôt sur la Fortune
  • Revenue tax — Impôt sur revenu
  • Tax 3% — Taxe 3%

Accounting services

Real estate revenues and costs need to be managed during the real estate operations. In order to optimize the control of funds, our service regularly maintains a financial table for paying bills, as well as a book of income and expenses. We assist our clients on issues related to the management of SCI (société civile immobilière)

consierge services

For those who know how to appreciate their time it’s your reliable personal assistant. Searching for any information about renting transport, housing, medical services, shopping tours, transfers, excursions, restaurants reservations, hotels and various tickets with the help of a professional will provide you with an effective and, most importantly, reliable result.


The field work includes regular planned and agreed visits with the owner to check the status of the property, verify its infrastructure and compliance with safety measures. As a result, the owner feels confident and receives regular reports with comments and pictures. 

Communicating constantly with community facilities, municipal bodies and contractors, we oblige them on fulfilling their duties in a proper way. The key objective of this work is to avoid and prevent any kind of contingencies. Even if it happens, at least we are able to solve it as quickly as possible and with maximum efficiency.


We also provide household staff recruitment.Are you searching for professional domestic staff? Governess, private chef, maids, guards or private drivers etc.?

It needs to be emphasized that we have successfully completed dozens of reconstruction projects with the help of designers, architects and engineers. Thanks to our professional level and experience we are able to find and carefully select the staff and suppliers for you, as well as to manage your entire project.

It needs to be emphasized that we have successfully completed dozens of reconstruction projects with the help of designers, architects and engineers. Thanks to our professional level and experience we are able to find and carefully select the staff and suppliers for you, as well as to manage your entire project.

What does the owner of the house on the Cote d'Azur envisage?

The dream house has been bought and now your only wish is to realize as quickly as possible an enjoyable evening watching the sunset nearby the pool with a glass of cool champagne.

These dreams have practically become a reality ... but life likes to present surprises to us. It turns out that the champagne is warm, as the refrigerator broke down, the pool has acquired a greenish color for some unknown reason, there are swarms of biting mosquitoes, and the lawn is not growing ...

Such details can roll you over quickly and in a foreign country, they can easily turn your life into a nightmare. The solution is to entrust the management of real estate to reliable hands!

Why is it convenient and comfortable with us?

You speak to professionals of their field who know the territory, its laws and regulations, have numerous contacts and workers exclusively in your interests. This approach allows us to solve problems of any level of complexity as effectively as possible.

Our long-term experience, technical skills and knowledge serve as a reliable tool that we successfully guide in solving problems in order to preserve and increase the comfort of the property owners.

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Who can manage the house?

The owner has the right to choose the manager of the estate at his own discretion. The difference is in the risks that he takes upon himself, working with a particular individual.

When working with premium real estate, you need to remember that some actions or banal inaction can lead to financial losses on a proportional scale to the value of the house.

The company, in comparison with a private person, are clearly stated contract obligations to the client: stability of work, timekeeping, efficient performance of work, responsibility and confidentiality, and finally quality assurance.

Comfort of your home is in safe hands with us

The choice of the company for real estate management sometimes ends with a question: what can the management company be useful for and how does it justify the money spent?

We believe that a real professional in management not only optimizes the cost of maintaining the house, but also helps to avoid unpleasant surprises, guaranteeing comfort and confidence.

Management as an iceberg

Real estate management is like an iceberg: the owner sees only the tip whereas the rest, the entire underwater part remains invisible (translations, reconciliations, planning, control and reception of works, problem solving and, finally, payment, insurance cases).

Management of real estate on the Cote d'Azur is a difficult task, requiring a thorough approach.

Our advantages

We understand how valuable your time is, and we are ready to take on most of the work, which will relieve you of unnecessary worries, because the ultimate goal of your acquisition is a comfortable and carefree vacation.

Our specialists are able to clearly allocate the responsibility of each, step-by-step completing each task up to the end, working independently, informing the client and coordinating all the issues only when it is absolutely necessary. The company ServiceAzur has carried out complex property management for more than ten years and during this time has accumulated vast experience with many grateful customers.